Igor studied at the Minsk State Linguistic University, Belarus and at the Karl-Marx University in Leipzig, Germany. He also completed an internship program of the Carl Duisberg Society in Cologne, Germany.

Since 2006 Igor has been an instructor within CENES and with UBC Continuing Studies. He has also taught German at the Language Training Institute at SFU and in private language schools. Igor has more than 23 years’ of combined experience working as a German language instructor, interpreter and translator.

Igor worked as a volunteer translator and interpreter during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Journal Contributions

German Children’s and Teenagers’ Slang. Translation Journal Volume 7, Nr.3, 2003

Some Advice on Preparing for Simultaneous Interpretation of Current Political Themes. Translation Journal Volume 8, Nr.2, 2004

Picturesque German (German Idioms and Their Origins) Translation Journal Volume 9, Nr. 4, 2005

Proverbs and Phrases of Biblical Origin. Translation Journal Volume 10, Nr. 2, 2006 

Courses currently teaching

Winter 2016

GERM110 Beginners' German II Sections

Introduction to the language. Ability to communicate accurately in a variety of everyday situations, speak about past events and express ideas and hypotheses in German. See also GERM 433.

Winter 2016

GERM100 Beginners' German I Sections

Introduction to the language. Ability to communicate accurately in a variety of everyday situations. See also GERM 433.

Winter 2016

GERM433 German for Reading Knowledge I Sections

A multimedia introduction to reading skills in German leading to a second year reading knowledge in just one term. Students are expected to work largely independently. Course restricted to beginners or to students with no more than one term of beginner's German (or equivalent).

In addition to comparative linguistics in German and Russian languages, Igor’s current research focuses on: 

  • Pedagogical aspects in reflections on Reason and Passion through analysis of classical authors (Plato, Kant, A. France, L. Tolstoy)  

Impact of scientific and technological changes on human values and social organization (Kelly Oliver, Pavel Florensky) 

At the Minsk State Linguistic University: “Teaching of German for preschool and elementary school students”. A study of several aspects of preschool foreign language education, including use of fairytales, children’s songs & animation.