Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 2008

Ilinca Iurascu holds a double M.A. in Gender Studies (from the Central European University) and Comparative Literature (from the University of Pennsylvania). After completing her PhD at UPenn, she joined the Graduiertenkolleg Mediale Historiographienat the Bauhaus-University Weimar, where she had the chance to work on two of her favourite subjects: letters and early cinema. Since coming to UBC, she has launched – together with Gaby Pailer and Franziska Schößler – an international research and publication project on the media histories of the Girls in Uniform material. She is currently preparing a co-edited volume on postal networks and epistolary film and a book-length study exploring the transformation of the concept of banality in 19th-century German culture.

Special Issue on “Cultural Techniques”. Theory, Culture & Society. Eds. Geoffrey Winthrop-Young, Jussi Parikka and Ilinca Iurascu. (forthcoming)

“Lotte Reiniger’s Die Abenteuer des Prinzen Achmed” and “John Reinhardt’s Briefträger Müller.” Directory of World Cinema: Germany. Bristol & Chicago: Intellect Press, 2011. 52-54 and 104-105. Print.

“German Realism in the Postal Office: Mail-Traffic, Violence and Nostalgia in Theodor Storm’s ‘Hans und Heinz Kirch’ and Wilhelm Raabe’s Stopfkuchen.” German Studies Review 32.1 (February, 2009), 148-164. Print

Courses currently teaching

• 18th – 20th century German and comparative literature
• critical theory
• media theory
• material culture studies
• the realist novel
• film studies and early cinema

Research Projects

Co-edited Volume. “Cinema and the Letter: Epistolary Modes in Film Culture.”

Hampton Research Project. “Gender, Nation and Education: Medial Transformation of Girls in Uniform,1930 – 2010”