MA, Faculty of Philosophy of Comenius University, 1974-1979

I graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy of Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia, with a master’s degree  in English and Russian. During my master’s studies I took a six-month internship at the Moscow State Linguistics University in Russia.

My career and extensive experience working as a Russian and English university lecturer started at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, Slovakia, where I was teaching English for Specific Purposes to undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students of civil engineering and preparing PhD students of civil engineering for their exam in the Russian language. I was engaged in the faculty research, I was a co-author of a text-book English in Civil Engineering and I prepared the undergraduate students of civil engineering to present their research findings at seminars and conferences. I have lived in Vancouver since 2009, where I upgraded my studies in second language teaching at Vancouver Community College.

At UBC, I teach Russ 215 focused on teaching Russian communicative skills, authentic language, pronunciation and culture and Russian 101-003, the first level of the Russian Language Program. It is my goal to combine my broad teaching experience with my ability to be a compassionate, enthusiastic lecturer in order to motivate and inspire students to study the Russian language and culture.

Courses currently teaching

Winter 2016

RUSS101 Basic Russian I Sections

Introduction to contemporary Russian with emphasis on specialized vocabulary for science, commerce, law, etc. Oral practice, grammar, reading and writing. Note: Students who intend to use RUSS 101, 102 and 200 to satisfy the Faculty of Arts language requirement must register for both RUSS 101 and 102 in the same year.

Winter 2016

RUSS300 Third-Year Russian Sections

Intermediate oral practice, syntax and composition.

Winter 2016

RUSS102 Basic Russian II Sections

Continuation of RUSS 101.

My special areas of interest include Russian and English literature, film and drama, creation of materials and academic resources and supporting Russian language learners with diverse interests and backgrounds.