M.A., Nordic Lit. & Art History (University of Copenhagen, 2004), P.G. Dip. Ed. (Post-Graduate Diploma of Education, St. Annæ Gymnasium, 2008)

Jens Monrad came to the department in 2011, and teaches Danish language courses and courses in Scandinavian literature and cultural studies.

Before joining  UBC, Jens spent seven years teaching  the subjects of Danish, visual arts, general study preparation and language understanding (multi-subject courses) in Danish high schools.

Since 2001, he has also worked as a freelance illustrator and traveled intensively in the new independent countries of ex-Yugoslavia, organizing workshops and lectures about comics and a Danish film festival in Bosnia-Hercegovina.

Reflecting his special interest in constructions of national identity and the synergy of literature and modern media, his thesis, From the smorgasbord of everyday life, reads the cultural journalism of the Danish Nobel Prize-laureate Johannes V. Jensen within the context of two media institutional changes: the turn-of-the-century omnibus- and tabloid press, and the Hollywood film industry in the wake of WWII.

GNIST, GLØD og GLIMT – nýjar danskar smásögur (2015-16)

Three collections of contemporary and canonical literature for high school teaching of Danish language and literature in Iceland. The three books feature contemporary and historically significant authors, writing in Danish, with original illustrations and comics, some of which have first been introduced to Intermediate Danish classes, 2015-16.

Manden, musen, masserne og magten. Johannes V. Jensen, Walt Disney og anti-amerikanismer i dansk tegnefilmsreception 1940-2000 (Reception, nr. 51, 2003)
And they say that art exists as a thing in itself! Receptions of Strindberg’s painting. (pending)

Courses currently teaching

Construction of national identity in 19th cent. literature and visual arts, cross-aesthetic influences in early modernism and 20th cent. cultural relations between Denmark and North America.

Research Projects

Transatlantic Nordic cultural campaigns in literature and art, 1912-2012


For SASS and ASSC, societies for the advancement of Scandinavian studies in Canada/US:

2012: “And they say that art exists as a thing in itself!”: Receptions of Strindberg’s painting, at:

Wilfried Laurier & Waterloo Universities, ONT, 05-29-12

2013: “How it’s Put to Use – That’s What Makes It Art”, and “Kinship casting off: Family relations in contemporary Danish literature”, at: University of Berkeley, CA, 05-04-13, and University of Victoria, BC, 06-05-13

2014-15: “Jamming the Cultural Canon. SUPERFLEX and the Danish State of Conceptual Art”, at: Brock University, 05-27-16 and Ohio State University, 06-08-15

2016: “‘A Life, Relived in Memory:’ The (Auto)biographical Graphic Novel as Quintessential “Nordicomic”? at: Riverside Hilton, New Orleans, LA, 04-29-16

As guest lecturer:

2016: To illustrate the Danish canon. Considerations of approach, at: Course SCAND 155a Danish Literary and Cultural History, University of Washington, WA, 05-26-16

As illustrator, co-author and Danish teacher:

2015: At illustrere GLIMT (illustrating GLIMT) at: Norræna húsið (the Nordic House) in Reykjavík, 05-20-15

2016: Contribution to Straumar og stefnur donskum bokmenntum (Contemporary and Canonical Danish literature) at: Norræna húsið (the Nordic House) in Reykjavík, 05-20-15