MA student in Germanic Studies as of 2015

Hon. B.A., University of British Columbia, 2015

I’m a German Studies M.A. student from Edmonton, Alberta.

Kalie Stieda completed her Bachelor of Arts in Honours German in April of 2015 with her Honours Thesis entitled: “The Resistance of the Everyday: Gendered Obstinacy in Alexander Kluge’s Abschied von Gestern (1966).” She has explored her interest in the German language, culture, and field of Germanic Studies since 2012, when she spent a year studying at Humboldt University in Berlin on a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service. Since living in Berlin, Kalie has had the opportunity to work as an editor and translator of artist texts, with her translation of art historian Vanessa Joan Müller’s text Rays, on the work of artist Susanne Kriemann, appearing in the 4th edition of the Viennese art magazine Streulicht. Kalie is now pursuing her Master’s in Germanic Studies at the University of British Columbia. Her graduate research focuses on cultural techniques, discourse networks and female subjectivity within the work of German conceptual artist Hanne Darboven.

Courses currently teaching