M.A. in Germanic Studies, UBC. Sept. 2015 – present
BA in Germanic and Hispanic Studies, UBC  Sept. 2011 – May 2014
Studies in Germanic and Hispanic Studies, International Relations, University of Manitoba,  Sept. 2007 –2010
German Literature and Social Studies, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany. 2009-2010

I’m a second year M.A. student and have learnt German in a bilingual high school in Hungary. Since then, learning German has shaped my personality and my life decisions. As part of wonderful work and study programs abroad, I’ve lived worked and studied in almost all corners of Germany: Hannover, Freiburg and Erfurt.

The critical study of languages, cultural studies and literature have always captivated me. During my undergraduate studies, I’ve researched a variety of concepts, such as contingency, justice, gullibility and metaphors in various literary works. Being fascinated by the literary device of the metaphor as well as literature that dwells on figurative language, I reviewed the function of the metaphor as a powerful literary technique capturing alienation.

For my M.A. thesis, I extended my research to the study of language, in the contexts of literary interpretation, cultural and literary studies, and (German) language teaching. My interests further include comparative literature (Hungarian, English, German and Spanish), language and continental philosophy, and the works of Ágnes Heller.


  • Faculty of Arts Graduate Award (2015/16)
  • Dr. Joyce Hallamore Scholarship (2015)
  •  Dr Isabel MacInnes Memorial Scholarship (2013/14)

Professional Development

  • German Teaching Assistant 2016 (Winter Term 2) (UBC)
  • Cambridge CELTA Certificate for teaching English (2015)
  • Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) 2015 (Fall)
  • Professional Development session for graduate students University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Language Skills

  •    Hungarian; German; English; Spanish




Heller, Ágnes. Trans. Laszlo, Rita. “Reflections on Gullibility.” “Elmélkedések a hiszékenységről.” 2014, 1997.

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