Ph.D., University of Bombay, 1990

Uma Kumar moved to Vancouver from India in 2003 and has been teaching with CENES since 2007. She holds a PhD in German Studies, a Master’s in German Studies and a Master’s in English Literature from the University of Bombay, India. Uma spent six years at the University of Vienna, doing research on Austrian literature.

Uma has near-native proficiency in German. Her goal as a German instructor is to inspire students to learn German and expose them to the culture and literature of the German-speaking countries.

Uma also teaches the CENS 303B-201 course on Literary Representations of the Holocaust. She is passionate about teaching about the Holocaust because she wants her students to understand that the devaluation of people with perceived differences in beliefs prompted one of humanity’s worst genocides. Our strength in a global world lies in embracing our diversity.

Courses currently teaching

Winter 2016

CENS303B Representations of the Holocaust (in English) - REPRESENTNS HOLO Sections

The Nazi Holocaust in film and literature from Central, Eastern, and Northern European Countries.

Winter 2016

GERM300 Intermediate German III Sections

Fluency in many relevant situations; competence in the most important areas of cultural life; familiarity with study resources and study skills. Review and expansion of grammar; fostering of speaking and writing skills.

Winter 2016

GERM110 Beginners' German II Sections

Introduction to the language. Ability to communicate accurately in a variety of everyday situations, speak about past events and express ideas and hypotheses in German. See also GERM 433.

Winter 2016

GERM100 Beginners' German I Sections

Introduction to the language. Ability to communicate accurately in a variety of everyday situations. See also GERM 433.

Winter 2016

GERM310 Intermediate German IV Sections

Fostering of the ability to discuss controversial issues, express ideas clearly in writing and write essays on selected topics in German. Ongoing grammar review and expansion.

Winter 2016

GERM411 Major Controversies in German Culture (in English) Sections

Selected debates and controversies in the German-speaking countries.