Ph.D. in Germanic Studies (University of British Columbia)

M.A. in Germanic Studies (University of British Columbia)

Lic.Phil I in Sociology (incl. Political Science, European Law) (University of Zurich, Switzerland)

Dr. Baer specializes in the long, diverse and international history and cultural representation of (former) children and youth ‘in care,’ in German-language literature and pop culture.

Peer Reviewed Articles

“Social Justice Turn: Switzerland’s Apology for and Redress of Historical Compulsory Government-Welfare Measures and Placements with Strangers.” (Accepted).

Violent Naming: Power Relations and Cultural Identities in Representations of Family-less Children in Modern German-Language Literature.” Crossroads 3, no. 2 (2009): 5-11.

Book Review:

Horst Janssen by Henning Albrecht (Accepted).

Editorial Assistance (Archival, Transcriptions and Proofreading)

Pailer, Gaby et al. ed. Charlotte Schiller: Literarische Schriften. Kommentiert und herausgegeben von Gaby Pailer, Andrea Dahlmann-Resing und Melanie Kage. Unter Mitarbeit von Ursula Bär, Florian Gassner, Laura Isakov, Joshua Kroeker, Rebecca Reed und Karen Roy.
Darmstadt: WBG, 2016 – 1024 pp.

Pailer, Gaby, Schößler, Franziska, eds. Geschlechter Spiel Räume: Dramatik, Theater, Performance und Gender. Amsterdam, New York: Rodopi, 2011. 374 pp.

Pailer, Gaby, ed. Christiane Karoline Schlegel – Düval und Charmille. Ein bürgerliches Trauerspiel in fünf Aufz<!– [if gte mso 9]>

Editorial Assistance (Archival, Transcriptions and Proofreading)

“Another Kind of Immigrants” German-Canadian Studies.

Courses currently teaching

Winter 2016

GERM200 Intermediate German I Sections

Competence and fluency in everyday situations; ability to report and narrate past events fluently and to express opinions; familiarity with contemporary issues in the German-speaking societies.

Winter 2016

GERM110 Beginners' German II Sections

Introduction to the language. Ability to communicate accurately in a variety of everyday situations, speak about past events and express ideas and hypotheses in German. See also GERM 433.

Winter 2016

GERM304 German Cinema (in English) Sections

Screening, discussion, and critical analysis of German cinema from the silent era to the 21st century.

Winter 2016

GERM100 Beginners' German I Sections

Introduction to the language. Ability to communicate accurately in a variety of everyday situations. See also GERM 433.

Winter 2016

GERM408A Selected Issues in German Culture - ISSU IN GERM CUL Sections

In depth study of one topic from German cultural history, varying from year to year. Possible topics: Germany of the New Europe; Gender and nation in German culture; topics from theory, such as the Frankfurt School.

  • 18th-20th century German literature
  • International history of (former) children and youth ‘in care’ and their cultural representation
  • Social Justice
  • Archive
  • Critical theory
  • German/Swiss/Austrian-Canadian Immigration

The UBYSSEYUBC waives tuition for ward of the province,” November 27, 2013. Interviewee.

“Gespräch mit U. Baer und C. Smith-Prei über neo-feministische Literatur” Das Literarische Echo. Hans G. Ruprecht und Helmut Zobl. Rec. May 2009. Carleton University, Ottawa ON, 2009. Episoden im Juli 2009.


Community Service

Tuition Waiver and Mentoring for Former Children in Care

Supporting Foster Care Students on Campus committee (organized by the Ministry of Family and Children), Student representative for UBC (2014-2015)

Mentoring for (Former) Children and Youth in Care in Higher Education committee (organized by Enrollment Services, UBC), Student Representative (2014-2015)

Youth Aging Out of Care (organized by Enrollment Services, UBC); Student representative (2013-2014)

Development of admission guidelines

Tuition Waiver Strategy Meetings for Students Recently Out of State Care. Student Vice President, Enrollment Services, Government Relations, BC Representative of Children and Youth (Aug.-Sep. 2013); Student representative for UBC.