Graduate Alumni Profiles

Florian Gassner (2012 Ph.D.)people_alumni_Florian-Gassner2_2013

I experienced the graduate program of UBC’s German Department as a fast-track into the academic job market. The faculty, who welcomed me as a young colleague, helped me grow as a teacher and encouraged me to reach out to the academic community. By the time I completed the third year of my PhD degree, my portfolio was strong enough to secure my first teaching position at Mount Allison University. Highly supportive letters of reference from UBC’s German faculty were also pivotal for my Postdoctoral Fellowship at the New Europe College in Bucharest, Romania. And it was the training in Teaching German as a Foreign Language I received at UBC that made the strongest impression with the selection committee when I was granted a position with the German Academic Exchange Service in Ukraine. I highly recommend UBC’s German graduate program to all aspiring academics, teachers and researchers alike.

Florian has held the position of Instructor I at the Dept. of CENES since August 2013.


Charlotte Schallié (2004 Ph.D., 1999 M.A.)


After earning an M.A. in History and a Ph.D. in German at The University of British Columbia, Charlotte Schallié joined the Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies at the University of Victoria in 2008. Her research interests include post-1945 German literature and film, transcultural studies, and Holocaust education. She has written Heimdurchsuchungen: Deutschschweizer Literatur, Geschichtspolitik und Erinnerungskultur seit 1965 (Zurich: Chronos, 2008). Schallié serves as program co-director of the UVic I-witness Holocaust Field School.



Florentine Strzelczyk (1996 Ph.D.)

Florentine Strzelczyk is a Professor of German, presently serving a term as vice-dean of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Calgary. Prior to this appointment she served as head of the departments of German, Slavic & East Asian Studies (GSEA) and of Linguistics and then was appointed head of a new, consolidated department – Linguistics, Languages and Cultures. Prior to these appointments she served for two years as director of the Language Research Center and one year as acting head of GSEA.

Dr. Strzelczyk received her PhD from the University of British Columbia in 1996, and spent two years as Assistant Professor at Queen’s University (1995-97) before being appointed at the University of Calgary in 1997. Dr. Strzelczyk publishes on fascism and film; contemporary German literature, culture, and film; tolerance in German culture; and gender & religion, and her articles have appeared in journals such as Modernism/Modernity, German Quarterly, German Studies Review, Seminar, and Quarterly Review for Film & Video. Her research has been funded by SSHRC and DAAD (German federal granting agency) and she has been a Killam Resident Fellow and a fellow of the Calgary Institute of the Humanities. As past president of the Canadian Association of Teachers of German (CAUTG) she presently serves as a member of the association’s board of directors (2012-14).