CENES Instructors Recognized by Dean of Arts

No fewer than eleven instructors in CENES received a letter from the Dean congratulating them on being among the top 10% of instructors within the Faculty of Arts in 2014. The ranking is based on student evaluations, and all the ranks and sections in CENES are represented:

Veta Chitnev
Florian Faller
Kyle Frackman
Petra Ganzenmüller
Lena Karlström (second year in a row)
Eszter Laszlo
Jason Lieblang
Ja-Hae Oh
Gela Struch (second year in a row)
Thomas Salumets
Geoffrey Winthrop-Young

Five of the eleven outstanding instructors named above are UBC alumni: Eszter Laszlo and Jason Lieblang both received their MA degrees in Germanic Studies, while Petra Ganzenmüller, Gela Struch and Geoffrey Winthrop-Young have PhD degrees in Germanic Studies, all from UBC.