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Summer 2020
No SCAN course(s) were found for S2020 term.

Winter 2020 Courses

Winter 2020

SCAN335 Vikings and Norse Mythology (in English) Sections

History, literature, and mythology of early Scandinavian societies.

SCAN336 Scandinavian Crime Fiction (in English) Sections

Crime fictions and films as a mirror of Scandinavian society.

SCAN337 Scandinavian Cinema (in English) Sections

An introduction to the cinemas of the Scandinavian region.

SCAN414 Topics in Danish and Northern European Cultural Studies (in English). Sections

Selected topics, such as ethnicity, migration, identity, women's issues, Danish and Northern European film.

SCAN415 The World of the Sagas (in English) Sections

Scandinavian contributions to medieval and early modern world literature, culture and history.