Ziegler Lecture: “H.G. Wells and Early Soviet Science Fiction”

“H.G. Wells and Early Soviet Science Fiction”

Dr. Galya Diment
Professor of Slavic, University of Washington

The talk will be based on the volume Diment is editing for Anthem Press, H.G. Wells and All Things Russian. One of the most fascinating aspects of Wells’s relationship with Russia is his rather outsized influence on Soviet science fiction. The talk will pay particular attention to the impact the English writer had on Alexander Belyaev, a pioneer of sci fi in the USSR, author of Professor Dowell’s Head (1925) and The Amphibian Man (1928). Wells and Belyaev met during Wells’s visit to the Soviet Union in 1934.

Dr. Galya Diment is a Professor in the Slavic Department, Thomas L. & Margo G. Wyckoff Endowed Faculty Fellow, and Joff Hanauer Distinguished Professor in Western Civilization at the University of Washington. She is known for her work in Russian Jewish Studies and Anglo-Russian connections as well as her expertise on Nabokov and Goncharov. Her current project is a study of H.G. Wells and Russia.