Colloquium 2015-2016


The Germanic Studies Graduate Program at the Department of Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies presents the following on March 21st and April 1st, 2016 in Buchanan Tower, Room 997, 1873 East Mall.

Monday, March 21:

9:30-10:10am, Melanie Kage
SchimmelReitergeschichte: Companion Species and Cultural Techniques in Jahrhundertwende Novellas by Hofmannsthal and Storm

10:20-11:00am, Rita Laszlo
Is There Another Acceptable Interpretation of Kafka’s Fiction?

11:10-11:50am, Patricia Milewski
German Language Schools in BC: A Comparative Analysis of Their Self Presentation

1:00-1:40pm, Laura Iskaov
Translating the Soul: Literary Aesthetic and the Correspondence of Charlotte Schiller and Henry Heron

1:50-2:30pm, Anja Nowak
Ruth Klüger’s Interventions

2:40-3:20pm, Carolina Franzen
Tracing Nazism through Normativity

Friday, April 1:

10:00-10:40am, Sabine Zimmermann
On the “Vital Significance of Kitsch”: Heinrich Böll’s Incorporation of “Bad Taste”

10:50-11:30am, Andrea Dahlmann-Resing
Kafka’s Office Writings and the Poetics of the “Abraum”

11:40-12:00pm, Dorothee Leesing
Mediating the Uncanny Valley

1:00-1:40pm, Kathrin Susan Koehler
Tolerance or Bust: A Modern-Day Quest for Multiperspectivity in the Landscape of German Literature

1:50-2:30pm, Stephanie Dreier 
Shameless Fantasy: Discovering the Self in the Literature of the Fantastic

2:40-3:20pm, Rebecca Reed
Thoughts on “A Woman in Berlin”