CENES Seminar/Symposium: Warfare, Migration, Witch-Hunt 2019

August 27-30, 2019
Buchanan Tower 997


August 28

1:00 pm: Daniela Fuhrmann (University of Zurich, Switzerland): Does War Bring Out the Devil in You? – Two Episodes of Demonization in Grimmelshausen’s Simplicissimus

2:00 pm: Ervin Malakaj (UBC Vancouver): The Life of Queer Objects in Grimmelshausen’s Courasche.

3:00 pm: Laurie Henderson (UBC Vancouver): Narrative Voice in the Translation and Adaptation of Grimmelshausen’s Adventures of Simplicius Simplicissimus.

4:00 pm: Patricia Milewski (UBC Vancouver): Women’s Agency and Authorship (Petersen, Leben, and Gottsched, Das Testament)

August 29

1:00 pm: Gaby Pailer (UBC Vancouver): Runaways, Rogues, Tightrope Walkers: Kehlmann, Nietzsche, Brecht.

2:00 pm: Steve Commichau (UBC Vancouver): Travel, Spatial Orders, and Cross-Dressing: Steidele’s Rosenstengel.

3:00 pm: Brigid Garvey (Dalhousie University): Chimeric selves: Simplicissimus and Tyll.