Ziegler Lecture Series 2018-19

Term 1

Sept 20, 2018 – Dr. Wendy Lower, Claremont-McKenna College/Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies
The Role of German Women in the Holocaust
Organized by Dr. Bozena Karwowska

Oct 2, 2018 – Alicja Mroczkowska, Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute
Commemorating Jewish Heritage in Poland – Focus on Burial Sites
Organized by Dr. Bozena Karwowska

Nov 13, 2018 – Prof. Thomas Kemple, Dept of Sociology, UBC
“Simmel’s Sense of Modernity: Adventures in Time and Space”
Organized by Dr. Kyle Frackman

Term 2

Jan 24, 2019 – Prof. Andreas Stuhlmann, University of Alberta
“The Legacy of Bambule (1970): On the Perils of the Memory Culture of the German ’68 Movement”
Organized by Dr. Florian Gassner

Feb. 14, 2019 – Dr. Leif Weatherby, New York University
“The Metaphysics of Data Capital”
Organized by Dr. Ilinca Iurascu

Feb 27, 2019 – Ms. Maral Attalah, Humboldt State University
“Armenian Genocide: Legacies of Denial”
Organized by Dr. Uma Kumar

March 15, 2019 – Prof. Galya Diment, University of Washington
“H. G. Wells and Early Soviet Science Fiction”
Organized by Dr. Katherine Bowers and Laura Isakov (graduate student co-sponsor)

March 19, 2019 – Prof. Dr. Alexander Košenina, Leibniz Universität Hannover
An English Watchmaker in 18th Century China: Christoph Ransmayr’s Novel “Cox oder Der Lauf der Zeit” (Cox, or the Passage of Time)”
Organized by Prof. Dr. Gaby Pailer