Former RUSS 412 Student Publishes Dostoevsky Article

Former RUSS 412 student Sarah Kirker Wappel has published an article based on her final paper for the class. The article is called “‘The Power of Innocence, Honesty, and Purity’: George Sand’s Edmée Character in Dostoevsky’s Novels” and traces the development of what Wappel terms the “Edmée character type” (from George Sand’s 1837 novel Mauprat) across Dostoevsky’s later novels. As Wappel argues, analyzing Dostoevsky’s engagement with the Edmée character type “reveals how the capacity of women to exercise agency establishes them as equals to their male counterparts.” Wappel’s article is available open access in the latest issue of The UC Undergraduate Journal of Slavic and East/Central European Studies (vol. 14) and can be read on their website: Congratulations to Sarah on her achievement!

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons