Undergraduate Student Receives SWEA Vancouver Undergraduate Scholarship for Exchange Studies in Sweden

Congratulations to Viktoria Jarner, this year’s recipient of the SWEA Vancouver Undergraduate Scholarship for Exchange Studies in Sweden.

This scholarship is handed out every second year to a student registered in a Swedish course in the Scandinavian Studies Program at the UBC Department of Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies (CENES).

“While studying at UBC, I started taking Swedish, and was exposed to the Scandinavian faculty,” says Viktoria. “Since then, I have become deeply interested in the study of the Scandinavian and Nordic regions. I know that being present in a Scandinavian country would further enrich my love of the region, and continue to fuel my interests in studying it.

“I am planning to pursue the Scandinavian Studies Minor in addition to a Major in Anthropology, so studying in Sweden would provide me with opportunities to participate in cultures that I would otherwise not have access to while studying at my home university. Additionally, it would give me an insight into what sort of career and life I would have living in Scandinavia whilst studying the cultures. I have visited Sweden a few times, and I loved the country, and found it to be a wonderful place with kind people.”

Viktoria is currently enrolled at Lund University on exchange.