M.A. in Scandinavian language and literature, 2010, University of Aarhus

Kim Sandvad West came to the department in 2017 and teaches Danish language courses as well as courses in Scandinavian literature and cultural studies.

Before joining UBC, Kim spent seven years teaching Scandinavian studies and rhetoric at the University of Vaasa in Finland and Danish at the universities of Oulu and Tampere and at Åbo Akademi University. He has studied a number of the Scandinavian languages, including Swedish, Finnish, and Faroese and has been teaching Finnish at the University of the Faroe Islands.

Kim has a special interest in food-related language and is currently researching the language used by TV chefs in Danish cooking programs.

Sandvad West, Kim (2017): “Den skulle smage af Færøerne.” Et forslag til klassificering af smagsudtryk.” In Petersen, Hjalmar P. et al.: Bók Jógvan. Fróðskapur SP/T: Tórshavn.

Courses currently teaching