M.A. (Lund and Stockholm, 1991)
UBC Killam Teaching Prize (2010)

Lena Karlström came to the department in 1993, leaving Stockholm where she combined teaching with freelance travel journalism. She teaches Swedish language courses, and Scandinavian literature courses including the summer course in Scandinavian Drama and Film.

In addition, she has taught workshops on music and lyrics in language teaching at UBC, and Swedish at the Swedish Institute’s summer courses for international students.

Lena Karlström has a special interest in literature and translation. She wrote about the Swedish poet Tranströmer in her thesis Världsomseglarklanger: en komparativ studie i engelska översättningar av Tomas Tranströmers dikter (Circumnavigation Sounds: a Comparative Study of English Translations of Tomas Tranströmer’s poems) and has worked on translations of the Swedish writer Richard Swartz and contemporary Jewish writers in Sweden.

In the last few years, Lena Karlström has presented papers on contemporary Swedish migrant literature and film at a number of conferences. Currently she is focusing on her exciting new Scandinavian crime writing course!

Lena Karlström’s Courses at UBC | Swedish and Scandinavian Film and Literature

Migration literature and film

The Swedish courses and the Scandinavian Crime Literature course (Scan 336) and the Contemporary Scandinavian Drama and Film Course (Scan 411B)

Currently Teaching

Winter 2019

SCAN336 Scandinavian Crime Fiction (in English) Sections

Crime fictions and films as a mirror of Scandinavian society.

Winter 2019

SWED100 Elementary Swedish I Sections

Winter 2019

SWED200 Intermediate Swedish I Sections

Winter 2019

SWED210 Intermediate Swedish II Sections

Winter 2019

SWED110 Elementary Swedish II Sections