Recent Faculty Publications



Geoffrey Winthrop-Young

The first book in the Recursions series co-edited by Geoffrey Winthrop-Young is out: Sybille Krämer’s “Medium, Messenger, Transmission: An Approach to Media Philosophy“. Read a short introduction by co-editor Jussi Parikka.

Hot off the press, Geoffrey Winthrop-Young’s translation of Bernhard Siegert’s Cultural Techniques: Grids, Filters, Doors and Other Articulations of the Real has now been published by Fordham University Press.

Markus Hallensleben

Markus Hallensleben has written a book chapter entitled “Faces of the German Female Avant-Garde: Portrait Montages in Else Lasker-Schüler and Hannah Höch” in the volume Schmerz, Lust, Weiblichkeit und Avantgarde in Deutschland. Eds. Lorella Bosco and Anke Gilleir. Bielefeld: Aisthesis, 2015. 129-156.