Scandinavian Language Program

Beginning and Intermediate Danish and Swedish

You will learn the grammar and structure of the language you choose and acquire basic speaking and writing skills. You will also be able to engage in basic conversation and read shorter texts.

The courses will also provide you with knowledge of Danish and Swedish culture, and they are a good foundation if you would like to study or work abroad in Denmark or Sweden. If you already have some proficiency, speak with an instructor (listed below).

When you take a Scandinavian language course, you automatically become part of the Scandinavian community at UBC through the Scandinavian and Nordic Cultural Association (SNCA), a club for UBC students.

Danish Language Courses

  • DANI 100 – Elementary Danish I
  • DANI 110 – Elementary Danish II
  • DANI 200 – Intermediate Danish I
  • DANI 210 – Intermediate Danish II

Swedish Language Courses

  • SWED 100 – Elementary Swedish I
  • SWED 110 – Elementary Swedish II
  • SWED 200 – Intermediate Swedish I
  • SWED 210 – Intermediate Swedish II

Danish and Swedish Faculty

Lena Karlström, Swedish Lecturer