Russian Student Spotlights

ugrad_russian-student-spotlights_Stefan_DawydiakStefan Dawydiak (Math major, Russian minor)

Здравствуйте! My name is Stefan, and I’m a mathematics student in the Faculty of Science pursuing a minor in Russian. I have always had a strong interest in languages and history, and so when I discovered UBC’s Russian classes, I was immediately taken with the richness of the language, and the history and culture behind it.

My grandparents on my father’s side are from Ukraine, and learning to speak Russian has been a great way to connect with them, and the rest of my family in Ukraine and Russia.

As a math student possibly considering further studies, Russian is an important language to know. Russia has produced many great mathematicians, and there many untranslated works in a variety of fields published in Russian. The Russian minor program is very exciting, and time seems to fly by: I took my first Russian class a year and a half ago, and I’m already planning an exchange to Russia this summer!

Charlotte Kaiser (Linguistics major, Russian minor)


My name is Charlotte, I am from Victoria and am majoring in Linguistics with a minor in Russian Studies.ugrad_russian-student-spotlights_Charlotte_2013

Growing up trilingual, languages have become an important part in my life, and one of my greatest passions. I have always been fascinated by Russian language and culture, so naturally after visiting St. Petersburg my interests were only reinforced.

The Russian minor program allows me not only to learn the language itself, but also to understand more about Russia’s history and culture. I especially love the oral classes which focus less on grammar but give me the opportunity to practice speech and comprehension.

I am already planning my next trip to Moscow! I am excited to show off what I have learned, and fully immerse myself in this culture. This program is opening so many new doors (including learning other Eastern European languages), which I look forward to exploring.


ugrad_russian-student-spotlights_Line-Lavoie_2013Line (Lynn) Lavoie (French major, Russian minor)

If you like challenges, Russian language is for you! My name is Line (Lynn) Lavoie. I am French Canadian. I have started to learn Russian at 18 years old and since that time I never stopped enjoying it.

Russian is a rich and beautiful language with famous literature and lovely poetry.

So, if you want to get a million possibilities…. Give it a try and believe me, in a short time, you will fall in love with the language, the people and their customs.


Andy Resto (RGLA Major, Russian Minor)


My name is Andy Resto and I am a Religion, Literature, and the Arts major with a minor in Russian.

My interest in Russian began with reading some of the classic literature, and as I began to study the language itself my interest only continued to grow. Though I personally have no family history in Russia, the various authors I studied opened up a new world which spoke to me, and which I believe holds valuable lessons and wisdom, especially in a global context.

A Russian minor degree has allowed me to further pursue my passion while being a great complement to my major, which has involved religious studies, philosophy, and German. I plan on continuing to develop my knowledge of Russian in a Comparative Literature graduate degree.