Study Abroad in Eastern Europe

Studying for a Summer, Semester, or Year in Eastern Europe 

The following universities have numerous pre-approved courses for transfer credits and are recommended exchange destinations for students taking Slavic language and culture courses. Within each partner page, you can view courses that have had credits transferred to UBC.

CENES Study Abroad Seminars

Witnessing Auschwitz
Our department offers the Global Seminar Witnessing Auschwitz on location at UBC and in Poland in collaboration with GoGlobal. For more details on the program, please contact its director, Dr. Bozena Karwowska.

Summer 2020 Russian Programs Abroad:

The department also offers the following Russian Programs Abroad. For more details on these programs, please contact Veta Chitnev.

UBC Exchange Opportunities

Language Programs

  • Polish in Warsaw
  • Russian in Kazan (includes pre-semester courses, intensive summer programs, and year-/semester-long language options)
  • Tatar in Kazan (a unique opportunity to learn Tatar, the Turkic language spoken in Kazan)
  • Russian in Riga
  • Latvian in Riga
  • Baltic Studies in Riga (Latvian or Russian language study is also available as part of this program)

For a comprehensive list of all partner universities available for UBC students, please visit GoGlobal’s partner pages.

Anyone interested in studying abroad should consult Go Global’s Safety Abroad pages and examine Global Affairs Canada’s travel advisories for the countries to be visited. Some locations have specific advisories for, e.g., LGBTQ2* travellers.

Enhance your Experience

Get the most out of your experience abroad by taking language and culture courses here at UBC before you go!


For awards and scholarships opportunities, please visit the Go Global awards page.


For more questions on studying abroad in Eastern Europe, please connect with the Slavic study abroad contact, Dr. Katherine Bowers.