Reddit Ask Me Anything with UBC CENES

Wednesday June 12, 2024
12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

What can I do with a major in CENES? What are some interesting courses I should take this Winter term? How does European Studies relate to my current time and place? What are your best tips for learning a new language?

CENES is getting ready to host our second Reddit AMA this summer! On June 12, faculty, students, and alumni from the Department of Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies (CENES) will be answering your questions live on r/UBC. Join us and ask us anything!

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The AMA post is open for questions on r/UBC on the morning of June 12. Questions will be answered live on June 12 from 12:30–2 pm here.

Meet the Panelists

Ann-Kathrine Havemose is the lecturer of Danish and Scandinavian studies. She is a native Danish speaker, and has an MA in comparative literature and general linguistics from Aarhus University, Denmark, while also having studied Celtic Civilization and Irish folklore at University College Cork, Ireland. Ann-Kathrine specialises in the performative use of folktales in contemporary Scandinavian picture books – her most recent work focusing on the practical use of The Three Billy Goats Gruff in Danish kindergartens. Her research interests include folklore, performativity studies, play theory, perception theory, literary history, and children’s literature, but she has also studied topics such as the works of Tolkien, trolls in Scandinavian folklore, racism and censorship in Northern European children’s books, and mythology.

Ask me about: Learning Danish at UBC, folklore, children's literature, trolls, mythology, literary history

Alex completed his Bachelor of Arts degree this past May, with a major in International Relations and a minor in German. In his first year, he took German to fulfill his I.R language requirement, but quickly gained a strong passion for the program and declared his minor in German. He is thankful for all the connections and friendships he made during his time learning in the CENES program. Alex looks forward to one day pursuing a master’s degree in Europe.

Ask me about: Minoring in German, learning a new language as a monolingual, German and German Studies courses to take, achieving academic goals

I’m Melissa, and I’m a recent alumni who graduated with a BA in Economics earlier in May this year. During my time at UBC, I took a German course every semester, starting from my second year all the way until I graduated. Through the German courses I took back in my second year, I was introduced to the CENES department and started getting involved in the community - I was a German Studies program assistant for a year in my third year, and I was a member of the CENES Advisory Council for two years in my third and fourth year. Feel free to ask me anything about German courses and the German Studies program in general at CENES!

Ask me about: German courses, study abroad opportunities in the German Studies program, language learning, the CENES Advisory Council

Since graduating with her B.A. this past May, Lily is looking to begin her career working within the film industry. Lily has taken courses in SLAV, POLS, GERN and GMST. Originally from New York, she has lived in several countries and is passionate about traveling and living abroad. She is particularly interested in international film cultures, memory studies, and learning foreign languages. In her spare time, Lily enjoys watching films, yoga, and playing music.

Ask me about: Studying abroad, maintaining language outside the classroom, how to juggle more than one foreign language at a time, getting the most out of German studies, adding a minor in CENES, Slavic Studies

Hello! My name is Auden and I’m a 5th year Psychology student with a minor in Interpersonal Development. In my second year at UBC I decided to take Danish 100 as an elective. Through that course and the incredibly welcoming CENES community, I was introduced to the CENES Department, Nordic Studies, and the Scandinavian and Nordic Students Association - which I am an executive member of this year.

Ask me about: Nordic Studies, Danish Language Classes, Student Clubs, Student Involvement with CENES