Modern European Studies is an undergraduate interdisciplinary program housed in the Department of Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies (CENES) that draws on the disciplinary expertise of many units across the UBC Faculty of Arts and beyond.

Major in Modern European Studies

Over the course of their studies, Modern European Studies students focus on a range of critical perspectives which place “Europe” in broader cultural, historical and linguistic contexts informed by decolonial and intersectional scholarship. The program empowers students to build their proposed emphasis on a particular region, a critical theme and an additional language of their choice.

Program Overview

The Modern European Studies program is dedicated to the principles of critical inquiry. By “critical” we mean a commitment to understanding Europe’s cultural, linguistic, and ethnic diversity, and to foregrounding perspectives and interventions that go beyond its national and political borders. Students work in consultation with the Director of Undergraduate Studies to develop their own thematic, regional and linguistic focus.

Advising and Program Approval

If you’re interested in discussing what a Modern European Studies Major could mean for you, please contact the program director:

Ilinca Iuraşcu, Department of Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies – Director of Undergraduate Studies, Modern European Studies