Graduate Program in Germanic Studies

The Graduate Program in Germanic Studies at UBC integrates a large scope of thematic and theoretical research areas. grad_landingpage_aerial-vancouver_2013Students in the M.A. and Ph.D. sections are guided by faculty whose teaching and research cover the full range of German literature and culture from medieval to the present. Course offerings comprise approaches from historical, cultural, media, performance and gender studies. The program’s structure encourages students to develop their individual focus of study and research. Several applicants, domestic and international, are admitted annually. Funding is available from UBC as well as external sources.

General Information

The Graduate Program in Germanic Studies is located in the Department of Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies. In order to facilitate the research and development of unique scholarly projects, students are free to draw on a broad range of faculty. They are encouraged to take advantage of the many cross-disciplinary dimensions in a variety of departments including The Institute for European Studies and The Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice which presently give shape to the Program in Germanic Studies at UBC.