Our CENES advisors are here for you to discuss your options for major or minor degree specializations in our programs and to support you as you complete your path through UBC.

They are happy to find those courses that best fit your learning needs, especially when it comes to the level of instruction in our language classes. You can also bring any questions related to study abroad, summer field schools, and transfer credits – it is our pleasure to support you in any of these areas.

Please call or email for assistance, or if you would like to book an appointment. Drop-ins are also welcome, subject to office hours and availability.

CENES Undergraduate Advisors

Florian Gassner
German Undergraduate Advisor

Lena Karlström
Scandinavian Undergraduate Advisor

Bożena Karwowska
Advisor & Chair of Modern European Studies

Dariya Prykhodko
Russian Undergraduate Advisor

Placement Tests

If you have a background or secondary-school level experience in any of our language programs, you are required to take a placement test to determine your course standings. This placement test must be taken before the beginning of classes.

If, after taking the placement test, you have been exempted from lower-level language courses, you do not need to make up those credits to fulfill your degree requirements.

To schedule a language placement exam, please contact the individual responsible for your desired language program.

Danish Language Program
Lena Karlström
Buchanan Tower 921

German Language Program
Angelika Struch
Buchanan Tower 901

Polish Language Program
Bożena Karwowska
Buchanan Tower 920

Russian Language Program
Veta Chitnev
Buchanan Tower 903

Swedish Language Program
Lena Karlström
Buchanan Tower 921

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