The German Studies Honours program places even more emphasis on German language-learning.


German Studies Honours encompasses the same courses as the German Studies Major, with the difference that at least 18 of the 30 credits at or above the 300-level (6 of your 10 courses) are courses instructed in “German-plus”, i.e., GERN coded courses.

Honours students in German Studies will also complete an Honours Research Capstone in German-plus, GERN 492 (6), or in English-plus GMST 492 (6), or another six-credit Capstone Project in an appropriate course approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.


To apply for the German Honours Program, please get in contact with the Director of Undergraduate Studies, German. After an initial meeting, you will be invited to submit a proposal for your course of study. This one-page proposal should outline your research plan, identify instructors with whom you would wish to study and indicate whether you intend to write an honours thesis.

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