The German honours program provides advanced study in German language and culture to outstanding students intending on pursuing graduate studies.


To complete the German honours program, you must take GERM 100, 110, 200, and 210, which provide a basic foundation for German competence and fluency. Students must complete 300- and 400- level, required German courses, as well as a six-credit Honours essay or its equivalent in senior work. Additionally, honours students must take a social science, history, or Modern European Studies course with German content and at least three credits in another language.

Students with secondary school German or a German-language background are encouraged to take a placement test that helps them identify the course level that best suits their learning needs. Students whose level of proficiency exempts them from completing required comprehensive language courses on the upper level (GERM 300, 310, 400, 410) will need to substitute the respective credits with courses on German literature and culture.


To apply for the German Honours Program, please get in contact with the Director of Undergraduate Studies, German. After an initial meeting, you will be invited to submit a proposal for your course of study. This one-page proposal should outline your research plan, identify instructors with whom you would wish to study and indicate whether you intend to write an honours thesis.

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