The CENES German program offers two minor options for undergraduate students: a German Minor and a German Studies minor.

German Minor

Students pursuing a German minor will be able to:

  • Write, read, listen, and speak German at a basic level
  • Develop cultural understanding and awareness
  • Develop autonomous learning and critical-thinking skills


To minor in German, you must complete GERM 100, 110, 200, and 210, which provide a basic foundation for German competence and fluency. Additionally, you will need another 18 credits in 300- and 400- level courses as following:

Students with secondary school German or a German-language background are encouraged to take a placement test that helps them identify the course level that best suits their learning needs. Students whose level of proficiency exempts them from completing required comprehensive language courses on the upper level (GERM 300, 310, 400, 410) will need to substitute the respective credits with courses on German literature and culture.

German Studies Minor

The German Studies minor offers interested students the opportunity to study cultures and literature of German-speaking countries, without the language component that is required in the regular German program.


There are no lower-level prerequisites for the German Studies minor. Instead students must take 18 upper-level credits or six courses from a list of core courses. Students may replace up to six credits with a social science or history course with a German component, but must consult with the German Undergraduate Advisor first.

*Please note that German language courses cannot be used toward the German Studies minor. Additionally, students may not combine the German Studies minor with a regular German major or minor.

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