There are two paths toward a Minor in German Studies at UBC. One involves learning German language, one does not.

Minor in German Studies

In this Minor, students achieve B1 proficiency on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages by completing the 12-credit language sequence (GERN 101, 102, 201, and 202) and then 18 credits of their choosing above the 300 level in GMST and GERN. Students who already have B1 proficiency in German do not need to take the 101–202 sequence.

Minor in German Studies (Anglophone)

This Minor allows students to take 18 credits above the 300 level in GMST or GERN, without having completed any prior language training in German. This is for students who are eager and interested in German culture, media, and literature, but do not intend to learn the language in depth.

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