The German Studies Major is made up of courses on Germanophone culture, film, history, language, linguistics, literature, media, philosophy, society and thought.

We try to make our Major requirements easy to understand, and straight-forward to complete—so you can focus on building community, setting your goals, and engaging in transformative experiences.

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The German Studies Program continues to pique my interest in German language and literature, including the opportunity to write a translation critique of an English translation of Adas Raum and translate a chapter of a literary text from German into my native Bahasa Indonesia. I am grateful to be part of this vibrant community and for the continuous support of various faculty members.

Alexander Suyanto
BA in German and Geography


Our courses represent the historically and socially diverse lives and communities that make up the German-speaking world in and beyond Europe—from Switzerland to Namibia to Hungary and elsewhere. Students can find our German program outcomes here.

Students who complete the Major will achieve at least B2 proficiency in German based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

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