The Danish Language program offers courses that provide students with basic Danish grammar, language structure, reading and writing skills. Our goal is to have you engage in day-to-day conversation and read and write short texts while learning about the culture, too!

The Scandinavian languages are mutually understandable, so knowing Danish is sufficient to make oneself understood in Sweden and Norway, as well.


We offer Danish courses for beginners’ and intermediate levels of proficiency. However, if you are a near-native speaker then you will be asked to take a placement test to verify your placement in an upper-level course.

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While I only intended on taking one semester of elementary Danish, the smaller class sizes and incredible instruction provided a great reprieve from my larger, more quantitative courses. In the end, I took four semesters worth of Danish language courses, and came out a stronger & more open learner.

Evan Lloyd
Major in Commerce, Minor in Nordic Studies