Whether you want to connect to a Slavic heritage of your own, or are interested in a complex and beautiful part of the world, come join our Slavic Studies community!

In the CENES Department, you can pursue a Russian Minor and take a range of Polish (POLS), Russian (RUSS), Ukrainian (UKRN), and Slavic (SLAV) culture, language, media, and literature courses. We also host regular Slavic tea events and an annual Maslenitsa festival in the spring.

Slavic countries, languages and cultures make up almost half of today’s Europe — including Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Slovenia.

Historically, Canada and Vancouver are major destinations for Slavic settler communities over the last two centuries. Canada has, for example, the largest community of people of Ukrainian descent outside of Ukraine and Russia! Additionally, there is much to learn about local Slavic and Eastern European history here in the Lower Mainland.

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