Russian, Polish & Slavic Studies

The Slavic component of our department consists of our language program (Russian, Polish) and the Slavic and Russian Literature courses. The traditional concept of philology is applicable here: students learn any language better when they understand the people who speak it and study their literature, history, and culture.

Along with a wide range of Slavic Studies courses, we offer a full four-year range of Russian language courses and a number of Russian literature courses with a focus on the most important authors of the last two hundred years. Students interested in our program can choose to minor in Russian.

Graduates with our minor are accepted into many graduate programs. Typically, our students aim for academic careers and choose either a graduate program in Russian, Comparative Literature, or Modern European Studies. Other career choices for our graduates include journalism, politics, government jobs, as well as careers in broadcasting, translation, or international agencies.


Dr. Bozena Karwowska, Associate Professor

Dr. Katherine Bowers, Associate Professor of Slavic Studies

Dr. Veta Chitnev, Russian Lecturer

Dariya (Dasha) Prykhodko, M.A., Russian Lecturer and Russian Undergraduate Advisor

Helena G. Kudzia, M.A., Sessional Lecturer of Polish

Ania Switzer, Sessional Lecturer of Slavic