Dr. Bowers Named as Member of New Languages for NLP Cohort

Dr. Katherine Bowers will be participating in the National Endowment for the Humanities Institute hosted at the Center for Digital Humanities at Princeton University called “New Languages for NLP.” Dr. Bowers and Dr. Kate Holland (U of Toronto) will represent 19th-century literary Russian as part of a cohort comprising 10 languages. The other languages include Ottoman Turkish, Yiddish, Yoruba, Kannada, Classical Arabic, Classical Chinese, Kanbun, Quechua, and Tigrinya. The Institute’s goal is to diversify substantially the support for NLP to enable digital humanities text analysis research in many under-represented languages in the field.

More information about the cohort and project can be found here: https://cdh.princeton.edu/updates/2021/03/26/new-languages-for-nlp-scholars-will-bring-global-perspectives-to-text-analysis/