Tim Frandy Presenting at MOA’s 2023 Visual + Material Culture Research Seminar Series

On September 28th, CENES’s Tim Frandy will be presenting on “Anishinaabe Materialities and Resurgent Epistemologies in Waaaswaaganing” at the 2023 Visual + Material Culture Research Seminar Series hosted by UBC’s Museum of Anthropology.

This presentation delves into the deep intersection of traditional arts, cultural worldview, and decolonization within the Anishinaabe community of Waaswaaganing (Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin). Currently in the midst of a cultural renaissance, the community has used traditional arts not merely as a tool to transmit cultural heritage, but also as a powerful vehicle to drive the revival of epistemological and ontological systems through embodied practice and strategic recontextualization. This talk explores the best practices of this work in Waaswaaganing, and it unveils the transformative potential of traditional arts in education. This intricate relationship between creative materialities and resurgent epistemologies reveals the potency of the traditional arts as catalysts for decolonization and cultural renewal.

Anishinaabe artist Mino-Giizhig (Wayne Valliere) etches winter bark on a birchbark canoe. Image courtesy of Tim Frandy.

Where: MOA’s Community Lounge (Near the administration reception and opposite the MOA Library and Archives).

When: September 28th, 4 – 5 pm

Note: The Museum will be closed to the public due to seismic upgrades, but the administration area remains open. Please enter through the administration entrance, which is past the courtyard on your right, facing the Museum’s main entrance.

This interdisciplinary seminar series is for anyone with interests in visual and material culture across different departments at UBC and beyond. The seminar provides an opportunity to share research and exchange ideas, usually followed by conversations over a drink at Koerner’s Pub. Open to students, staff, faculty and community members in and around UBC. The seminars will be held in-person at MOA. Participation is free and no registration is required.