I hold a PhD in Germanic Languages and Literatures from the University of Toronto. My dissertation focuses on representations of masculinity in crisis in German culture produced between roughly 1880 and the rise of Nazism. I remain interested in the conceptual intersection of masculinity, crisis and culture, and will return to it on sabbatical in a couple of years in the hope of developing my dissertation into a monograph.

I coordinate and teach first- and second-year German language, as well as teach German literature and film. I also work and teach both on and with comics. Emerging technologies in education has recently become a focus. I employ, and have presented on, the use of creative apps in the language classroom, and my newest interest is teaching and learning in virtual reality. I am currently collaborating with student and staff software developers on the development of a virtual reality language learning application to be piloted here at UBC in September 2019.

I’ve facilitated two study abroad semesters in Berlin, and expect I’ll do so again. I also did a two-year stint as faculty in UBC’s Arts One Program.    

– Review of Martin Brady and Joanne Leal, Wim Wenders and Peter Handke, Collaboration, Adaptation, Recomposition. Focus on German Studies 17, 2012.


– (With Jakub Kazecki) “Regression versus Progression: Fundamental Differences in German  and American Posters of the First World War.” In Picture This: World War 1 Posters and Visual Culture. Ed. Pearl James. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2009. 111-145.

German 100: Beginners’ German 1

German 110: Beginners’ German 2

German 200: Intermediate German 1

German 210: Intermediate German 2

German 302: Contemporary German Literature 1945 to Today

CENS 202: Great Works of Literature from Central, Eastern & Northern Europe
German 313: German Academic Discourses

Currently Teaching

Winter 2018

GERM200 Intermediate German I Sections

Competence and fluency in everyday situations; ability to report and narrate past events fluently and to express opinions; familiarity with contemporary issues in the German-speaking societies.