Faculty Research

Our faculty members are actively engaged in leading research on a wide variety of subjects. The research interests of our Faculty members are summarized below. Visit our faculty members’ pages for complete listings of research, grants, and professional activity.

Faculty Research Interests

  • Kyle Frackman, Assistant Professor. 19th/20th-century German literature; film studies; gender studies and cultural theory; Scandinavian studies.
  • Markus Hallensleben, Associate Professor and Graduate Advisor. 19th to 21st century Austrian and German culture and literature; European avant-garde movements and aesthetics; performance theories and visual arts.
  • Ilinca Iurascu, Assistant Professor. 19th century German and comparative literature; the Realist novel; media and cultural theory; pre-cinema and early film; Material Culture Studies.
  • Gaby Pailer, Professor. German literature 
from early modern to contemporary; gender and literature; drama and theatre; Enlightenment, Classicism, and Romanticism.
  • Caroline L. Rieger, Associate Professor. Interlanguage pragmatics; pragmatics, conversation analysis; intercultural communication; translation studies; second language acquisition and teaching
  • Thomas Salumets, Associate Professor. 18th century German literature; Estonian cultural studies; ecocriticism (Arne Naess); figurational sociology (Norbert Elias); psychoanalytical criticism (D.W. Winnicott, Takeo Doi).
  • Steven Taubeneck, Associate Professor. Intersections between culture as literature and film, philosophy and history; phenomenology, hermeneutics and pragmatism in philosophy; comparative cultural history.
  • Geoffrey Winthrop-Young, Professor and Head of Department. Media theory; cultural techniques; biology and cultural evolution; Science Fiction; German and American posthumanism.

  • Petra Fachinger, Queen’s University, Professor.  Canadian Literature, Indigenous literatures, Asian diaspora, Jewish diaspora, studies in globalization, urbanism. (can serve on M.A. and PhD committees).

  • Katherine Bowers, Assistant Professor. 18th, 19th, and 20th-century Russian literature and culture; poetry; genre and narrative studies; comparative European literatures; transnational gothic; transmission and media history. (Graduate Faculty - can serve on PhD committees)
  • Bozena Karwowska, Associate Professor. Polish, Russian and Slavic literatures and Polish language; literary representation of women in Slavic literatures (especially Russian and Polish); Holocaust Studies;  body and gender in Nazi concentration camps. (Graduate Faculty - can serve on PhD committees)

  • Florian Gassner, Instructor I. Cultural history of Central and Eastern Europe; Russian-European relations; German literature from the eighteenth and nineteenth century. (can serve as graduate mentor)
  • Daniela Hempen, Lecturer. Medieval German literature and culture; 19th century German women’s writings.
  • Lena Karlström,  Lecturer. Literature and translation. Tranströmer; Richard Swartz; contemporary Jewish writers in Sweden; Scandinavian crime fiction.
  • Jason Lieblang, Instructor I. Culture of the Weimar Republic; masculinities; comics; second-language acquisition. (can serve as graduate mentor)
  • Angelika Struch, Senior Instructor and Language Course TA Supervisor. Second-language acquisition. (can serve as graduate mentor)

Research Highlights


  • Secret War: Treason, Espionage And Modern Fiction by Eva Horn. Translated from the German and introduction by Geoffrey Winthrop-Young
  • Else Lasker-Schüler Bibliography

    This project offers a searchable online bibliography of the German-Jewish emigré author Else Lasker-Schüler (1869-1945) in RefWorks database format. Organized by Dr. Markus Hallensleben