Russian Minor

The Russian Minor is made up of 12 credits of lower-level language and 18 credits of upper-level language and literature/culture components.

  • All students must complete 12 credits of lower-level language:
    • either RUSS 100 or RUSS 101 and RUSS 102 or equivalent
    • either RUSS 200 or RUSS 201 and RUSS 202 or equivalent

In addition to the lower-level language component, students must complete 18 upper-level language and literature credits taken from the following courses:

RUSS 300 – Third-Year Russian

RUSS 306 – Russian Literature in Translation

RUSS 316 – Russian through Film (in Russian)

RUSS 321 – Imagining Location in Russian Literature (in English)

RUSS 323 – Fantastic Worlds of Russian Fiction (in English)

RUSS 400 – Fourth-Year Russian

RUSS 412 – Dostoevsky in Translation

Other Slavic courses are allowed with the permission of the Russian Advisor.

For information and advice concerning the Minor in Russian (deficiencies in program requirements or  transfer credits) consult one of the Program Coordinators:

Dr. Bozena Karwowska, Russian Advisor

Dr. Katherine Bowers

Veta Chitnev

Dariya (Dasha) Prykhodko