Two undergraduates awarded UBC German Studies scholarships

Congratulations to Stacy Thomas and Nathaniel Andre-Peirano for receiving the Dr. Isabel MacInnes Memorial Scholarship and the Mary Stewart MacInnes Memorial Scholarship, respectively.

Stacy Thomas

4th-year Creative Writing Major, German Studies Minor

My experiences in the German Studies minor program have been so inspiring for me. Learning about literature and culture from such a complicated region of the world has given me many opportunities to explore topics such as minority, diversity, immigration and migration, gender representation in literature, and history through a lens of story and cinema. As a Creative Writing major, my work in the German Studies program has informed and overlapped with my own writing, as well as connecting me with my own German heritage and family story.

Nathaniel Andre-Peirano

4th-year Honours History Major, German Minor

My choice to undertake a minor in German created integral experiences to my undergraduate education and fostered my personal and academic progress. Moreover, some of my most enjoyable memories at UBC have been in close-knit courses taught in German by Dr. Florian Gassner. These courses respectively focused on German literature from the medieval period and from the German-Jewish context circa 1900. In both, I took part in engaging academic discussions with peers and professor alike by using the German language skills I learned at UBC. I will forever cherish the UBC German department because of my experiences within courses taught by top-notch professors, and I highly recommend anyone try out a course in German Studies.

About the Scholarships

The Dr. Isabel MacInnes Memorial Scholarship was established by W. H. Maclnnes, Esq., of Vancouver, in memory of his sister, Dr. Isabel MacInnes. It is offered to a student who is entering fourth year. In choosing the winner, consideration is given to overall scholastic achievement and to outstanding distinction in German Studies.

The Mary Stewart MacInnes Memorial Scholarship was established by W. H. MacInnes, Esq., of Vancouver, in memory of his mother, Mary Stewart Maclnnes (1841-1936). It is offered to a student in the Faculty of Arts, Applied Science, Agricultural Sciences, Forestry, or Science, who is entering the fourth year of university work. In choosing the winner, consideration is given, not only to scholastic standing but also to achievement in the field of student government and in athletics, or to special interest in Germanic Studies. The award is made on the recommendation of the German Studies Program.

You can find out more about the UBC German Studies program here. For any questions, reach out to Dr. Ervin Malakaj, Director of Undergraduate Studies in German.