Scandinavian Minor

The minor in Scandinavian Studies gives you the opportunity to combine your interest in Scandinavia with your other programs of study. Scandinavian minor students have included majors in English, Political Science, German, Modern European Studies, and Art History, just to name a few.

All students must complete 12 credits of lower-level language instruction. They may choose either two years of Swedish (SWED 100, 110, 200, 210), or two years of Danish (DANI 100, 110, 200, 210), and six upper-level courses in literature and culture. Since the latter are all taught in English, it is not necessary to complete the lower-level language requirement before taking the 300- and 400-level courses.

In addition to the lower-level language component students must complete 18 upper-level literature and culture credits taken from the following courses:

  • SCAN 332 (3/6) Topics in Scandinavian Studies (in English)
  • SCAN 333 (3) Major Works of Scandinavian Literature (in English)
  • SCAN 334 (3) Contemporary Scandinavian Fiction (in English)
  • SCAN 335 (3) Vikings and Norse Mythology (in English)
  • SCAN 336 (3) Scandinavian Crime Fiction (in English)
  • SCAN 337 (3) Scandinavian Cinema (in English)
  • SCAN 411 (3/6) Scandinavian Drama and Film in Translation
  • SCAN 412 (3) The Northern European Epic in Translation
  • SCAN 413 (3/6) The Literatures of the Baltic in English Translation
  • SCAN 414 (3) Topics in Danish and Northern European Cultural Studies (in English)
  • SCAN 415 (3) The World of the Sagas (in English)
  • CENS 307 (3) Witches: Myth and Reality
  • CENS 308 (3) Comics and Graphic Novels in Central, Eastern and Northern Europe
  • CENS 404 (3) Gender and Nation: Women’s State in Modern Central, Eastern and Northern European Literatures and Cultures

In consultation with the Scandinavian undergraduate advisor, students may replace one of the upper-level courses (i.e., up to three credits) with a course taught outside of the department that features an appropriate Scandinavian component.

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For more information, or if you have questions, contact the Scandinavian Undergraduate Advisor.