Study Abroad

Go Global with Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies!

Imagine studying Danish culture at the University of Copenhagen, or Baltic Studies at the University of Latvia. How about learning to speak Swedish at Uppsala University, reading Russian literature along the Volga in Kazan, or learning all about current German terms and catchphrases along the lakeside city of Konstanz? All of this and more is possible with UBC’s Go Global international learning programs.

The GoGlobal program has been working closely with the Department of Central, Eastern, and Northern European Studies to identify international learning opportunities for CENES students. The opportunities available include: exchange and study abroad, Global Seminars, international internships, International Service Learning, research abroad, and summer programs.

Why Go Global as part of your degree?

Going Global lets you:

  • Explore your degree from a different perspective and gain access to courses you would not have access to at UBC.
  • Get an edge in the workforce, as more and more industries value cross-cultural competencies and international experience.
  • Experience another country as a student and not just a tourist.
  • Immerse yourself in another culture and way of life.
  • Become globally aware, grow and develop as a person, and gain cross-cultural understanding.

Study abroad for is recommended for CENES students after they have completed their second-year requirements. There are numerous courses abroad which have been approved and are equivalent to many third- and fourth-year CENES courses, including courses that may count towards the German Studies and Modern European Studies majors and the Scandinavian and Russian minors.

Generally, courses taken abroad will contribute to your upper-level degree requirements.

We encourage students to review the appropriate CENES program’s Academic Calendar and meet with academic advisors prior to going on exchange, as well as to consider the following guidelines to help determine if a course abroad is equivalent to an upper-year CENES course:

  • Is the course offered by your respective program in the partner university?
  • Does the course have a lower level requirement?
  • Is it offered as an upper-year course abroad?

Visit our program-specific pages for more information about international learning opportunities specific to your CENES program:

Get started today

  • Explore Go Global to learn more about all international learning opportunities options including information about application deadlines, eligibility criteria and scholarships and awards.
  • Attend an information session – see the Go Global Calendar of Events.
  • Check out other Go Global opportunities, including Global Seminars and research abroad.
  • Connect with Go Global advisors to learn more about Go Global’s international learning opportunities.
  • Connect with a CENES undergraduate advisor to discuss any academic questions or concerns about going abroad.

Anyone interested in studying abroad should consult Go Global’s Safety Abroad pages and examine Global Affairs Canada’s travel advisories for the countries to be visited. Some locations have specific advisories for, e.g., LGBTQ2* travellers.