Study Abroad with German and German Studies

Selecting an Exchange Destination

The following universities have numerous pre-approved courses for transfer credits and are recommended exchange destinations for students from German and German Studies. Within each partner page, you can view courses that have been transferred to UBC.

•    Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
•    Freie Universität Berlin
•    Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
•    Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
•    Universität zu Köln

For a comprehensive list of all partner universities available to German and German Studies students, please visit the Go Global’s partner pages.

Anyone interested in studying abroad should consult Go Global’s Safety Abroad pages and examine Global Affairs Canada’s travel advisories for the countries to be visited. Some locations have specific advisories for, e.g., LGBTQ2* travellers.

Selecting Courses

If you intend to earn credits for your German degree while you are studying abroad, please keep these points in mind:

If you want to complete your upper-level language requirements
The upper-level language requirements for German at UBC include GERM 300, 310, 400 and 410. This sequence does not in any way correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (A1, A2, etc.). Therefore, the German Program recommends that you seek out courses that closely correspond to the UBC course for which you want to earn credit. The easiest way to do this is to get in contact with the instructor teaching said course and request from him or her a course outline. For a full list of language courses for which you can earn credit while studying abroad, please visit the respective pages on the academic calendar.

If you want to complete your upper-level literature and culture requirements
Transferring credit for literature and culture courses is a fairly straightforward process. Imagine you want to find a course that can transfer as GERM 360: “Heaven and Earth: Studies in German Culture and Literature before 1700”. To make this happen, all you need to do is complete a course on German Literature that has a pre-1700 focus. It must be taught in German at one of our partner universities. For a full list of literature and culture courses for which you can earn credit while studying abroad, please visit the respective page on the academic calendar.

For more questions on selecting German courses, please contact the German Undergraduate Advisor.

Enhance your Experience

Get the most out of your experience abroad by taking language and culture courses here at UBC before you go!

Academic Programs (with credit)

Canadian Year in Freiburg

A one-year exchange program with the University of Freiburg, administered by Acadia University. Take a full course load and receive UBC credits.

Canadian Summer School in Germany

A language program run by the University of Kassel, administered by St. Mary’s University. Take six UBC credits worth of language courses.

Other Study and Work Opportunites

DAAD: The German Academic Exchange Service

The DAAD provides multiple scholarship and fellowship opportunities at all levels. Contact Dr. Florian Gassner for more information.

Goethe Institutes in Germany

The Goethe Institutes in Germany offer language courses as well as information on contemporary German culture. Their main point of contact in Canada is the office in Toronto.

PAD: The German Pedagogical Exchange Service

The PAD offers the opportunity to work as a teaching assistant at a German upper high school for one year. Information available only in German. Contact Dr. Caroline Rieger for more information.