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Frequently Asked Questions

Undergraduate admissions: deadlines for the Summer Session are typically mid-January while the deadline for the Winter Session is typically end of January. Please consult the Academic Calendar for details. For more information about how to apply, click here.

For the graduate program, the deadlines and requirements for admission can be found here: Admissions Requirements.

Tuition for undergraduate students is calculated on a per credit basis. For more information, please visit the student services website.

Tuition and program fees for graduate students are listed according to degree: M.A. in Germanic Studies and Ph.D. in Germanic Studies.

Click here for information on undergraduate admissions.

There is information on the UBC undergraduate admissions page about transferring to UBC from institutions within Canada and institutions outside of Canada. Please contact an undergraduate admissions advisor for more information.

Bachelor of Arts students at UBC declare their major or minor themselves after they are admitted. Other than for the German Honours degree, there are no separate application requirements. Please see "Which undergraduate programs are available", and "How do I declare a major or minor" below.

The Department of Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies offers undergraduate degree programs in the following areas:

Major in German
Honours Major in German
Minor in German
Minor in German Studies
Minor in Scandinavian Studies
Minor in Russian
Major in Modern European Studies (hosted by the CENES Department)

CENES also offers language instruction in Danish, German, Polish, Russian, and Swedish as well as in the Business German program.

"German" refers to the regular Honours, Major and Minor programs that combine language and literature/culture courses on the lower and upper level. The German Studies Minor has no language component. The program consists only of upper-level literature and culture courses taught in English. For further information, go to our German program overview.

No. If you have been exempted you do not need to make up lower-level language courses to fulfill your degree requirements.

Yes. No matter what, you need 30 upper-level credits for the GERM Major (or 18 for the German Minor). If you have been exempted from upper-level German language courses, you need to make up for them by taking additional upper-level literature/culture courses.

Students registered in the Faculty of Arts can declare their German, German Studies, Scandinavian or Russian degree programs themselves online. Please visit the Arts Students page for instructions to declare a major or minor.

The only exception is the German Honours program. Honours applicants need to submit a letter of application, a statement of intent and two letters of reference to the German undergraduate advisor. If you have any difficulties registering, or if you are uncertain about the program, consult our undergraduate advisors listed here.

If you are in a faculty other than the Faculty of Arts and wish to add a German, German Studies, Scandinavian minor or Russian minor, your faculty advising office may require a signature from the advisor of the program you wish to take. Please contact the appropriate undergraduate advisor directly. In most cases, you will need to present a form listing the courses you intend to take both to your home faculty advising office, as well as to one of our advisors for signature in order to declare the minor.

Our undergraduate and graduate advisors are listed here.

Contact Arts Advising (or your own advising office if you are a student from another faculty) if you need further assistance with issues like academic concessions and withdrawing from courses after the deadline.

Our M.A. and Ph.D. programs are described here. To apply, visit our prospective graduate students page.

The department of CENES does not have waitlists. Please keep checking the Student Service Centre, as students often drop courses, especially closer to the start of the term.

You may try contacting the instructor of the course you wish to take, to see if they have an informal waitlist. *Check the "section note" on the course schedule - if the course does not have an informal waitlist, it will say "Please note this course has no waitlist."

To audit a course, you need approval from the instructor. Please fill out an Add/Drop (Change of Registration) form, have your instructor sign it and bring it to the main office.

If you are a graduate student, to take a course for audit (or credit), you need approval from the instructor as well as the graduate advisor of your program.  Please fill out a Graduate Add/Drop (Change of Registration) form, have it signed by your graduate advisor and the instructor and bring it to the main office.

To take courses from the Department of CENES, you must be admitted as a student at UBC.

  • If you are not a student at UBC, you can apply for non-degree studies (Access or Unclassified) to take courses at UBC.
  • If you wish to pursue language courses NOT FOR CREDIT (i.e. you do not need to be a student admitted to UBC; no credit will be granted), please contact: UBC Extended Learning language department | Ph: 604-822-0800

If you are interested in applying to be a student at UBC, please click here for information about undergraduate admissions.

Please direct your queries to Arts Academic Advising. The Faculty of Arts language requirement states:

- If you are fluent in a language not listed below (that is, a language not taught at UBC), you may still be able to meet the Language Requirement through a challenge examination. Contact Arts Academic Advising to arrange for testing.

- No course credit will be awarded for completing the Language Requirement through a competency exam.

Graduate teaching assistantships are posted in accordance with CUPE 2278 regulations. Each year, we anticipate having enough applicants within the graduate program in Germanic Studies to fill all of the available Graduate TA-ship positions. If you’d like to learn more about the graduate program, please contact the graduate program assistant.

There are occasionally positions such as undergraduate research assistants and undergraduate academic assistants. When such positions are available, they are posted on the Student Careers website.

We do not normally employ undergraduate teaching assistants.

Contact the CENES Department